YCS Hartford Tech Update!

May 29th, 2022

Competition is fierce this weekend, and Duelists are using whichever tech cards they think will give them the edge in this weekend’s tournament. Take a look at some of the tech choices that have been popular to use this weekend!

1.) Super Polymerization

Lots of Duelists are using Branded Despia Decks this weekend, which involve Fusion-based strategies. Plus, lots of the popular Fusion Monsters in those Decks have a Fusion Material that covers a wide range of monsters, like any LIGHT or DARK monster, or any Fusion, Xyz, Synchro, or Link Monster. That makes Super Polymerization a powerful card in Decks using those cards. They can remove an opponent’s monster from the field without even giving the opponent a chance to respond to it. Super Polymerization has also become a popular tech choice for stopping those strategies. Since Super Polymerization can fuse monsters from either side of the field, fusing an opponent’s monsters together to Summon a powerful yet easy-to-Summon Fusion Monster like Predaplant Dragostapelia can stop opponents from continuing the plays they were trying to make.

2.) D.D. Crow

D.D. Crow has gained some popularity this weekend. It’s a strong way to stop Branded in Red by banishing whichever card an opponent tries to retrieve from his or her Graveyard with its effect. Plus, by stopping your opponent from adding a monster to his or her hand with the effect of Branded in Red, you’ll also stop your opponent from being able to perform a Fusion Summon with it. D.D. Crow isn’t just good against Branded in Red, either. There are still lots of great cards that it can banish from the Graveyard, like Destiny HERO – Destroyer Phoenix and Sky Striker Ace – Raye.

Against Branded Despia Duelists, D.D. Crow also works while Branded Lost is face-up on the field, whereas cards that would negate the activation of Branded in Red, like Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion, are powerless to stop them. That just gives Duelists one more reason to use D.D. Crow over other tech alternatives, especially in the matchup against Despia Branded.

3.) Dimensional Barrier

Lots of different Decks rely on specific Summoning techniques, and Dimensional Barrier stops just about all of them. It’s especially powerful against Fusion Spell Cards like Branded Fusion, because it can stop those Spell Cards in their tracks by letting you declare “Fusion” and prevent players from Special Summoning Fusion Monsters for the turn. Dimensional Barrier can also stop Synchro Summons to prevent the Summoning of Baronne de Fleur and Swordsoul Grandmaster – Chixiao in Tenyi Swordsoul Decks, and can stop other Decks too by cutting them off from their best Summoning technique.

4.) Negation and Destruction

Cards that negate the effects of an opponent’s cards and cards that destroy an opponent’s cards seem to always be popular, and that remains true here at YCS Hartford. Duelists are using Forbidden Droplet to negate monster effects, and some are even using Blizzard to negate Spells like Forbidden Droplet, Branded Fusion, and Mystic Mine. Night Beam is also a popular tech choice this weekend, since it can destroy a card while guaranteeing that an opponent won’t chain the targeted card directly to it. Finally, field-clearing Spells like Raigeki and Lightning Storm are still popular, with some Duelists using as many 3 copies of Raigeki or Lightning Storm between their Main Deck and Side Deck.

With Dimension Force and a recent Forbidden & Limited List new to the tournament scene, Duelists are finding the best tech cards that they can for their Decks. Be sure to follow the coverage to see which tech cards make it through to the Finals!

Be sure to watch the live coverage of YCS Hartford on Twitch and YouTube to avoid missing any of the action!