The Saturday Dragon Duel Top 4!

September 10th, 2022

Every YCS weekend features two Dragon Duel tournaments: one on Saturday and one on Sunday. When both tournaments are complete, the winners of each competition go one-on-one in a final Dragon Duel Playoff, with the winner earning the title of Dragon Duel Champion for the YCS!

The first Dragon Duel tournament here at YCS Niagara Falls has come to its conclusion, and here are your Top 4 finishers.

In 4th Place, Ben Casey; in 3rd Place, Tristan Michaud; in 2nd Place, Kareem Sahib; and in 1st Place, the Saturday Dragon Duel winner Gavin Casey!

Gavin Casey will go on to the Dragon Duel Playoffs on Sunday, to compete for the title of YCS Niagara Dragon Duel Champion. Congratulations to all of our Dragon Duel competitors here today, and good luck to Casey in the Playoffs tomorrow!