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YCS Niagara Falls: Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

September 11th, 2022

Check out the Decks in the Top 32 of YCS Niagara Falls!

Table 1: Denis Nadus (Tearlaments Spright Danger! Frog) vs. Paulo Goncalves da Silva (Spright Frog)
Table 2: Esala Wathuthantrige (Tearlaments Danger! Spright) vs. Ryan Yu (Exosisters)
Table 3: Victor Lam (Tearlaments) vs. Robert Klonowski (Tearlaments Danger!)
Table 4: Raymond Dai (Exosisters) vs. Collin Cleaves (Mathmech)
Table 5: Kamal Crooks-Valdez (Spright Frog) vs. Jesse Kotton (Tearlaments Danger! Spright)
Table 6: Isaiah Houston (Spright Frog) vs. Luke Parkes (Tearlaments Danger! Branded)
Table 7: Thanh Nguyen (Runick Spright Frog) vs. Jose Carrillo (Tearlaments Danger! Frog)
Table 8: Ruben Penaranda (Spright Frog) vs. Steven Santoli (Spright Frog Runick Live Twin)
Table 9: Mitchell Martin (Spright Frog) vs. Brian Kaiser (Adventure Spright Frog)
Table 10: Calvin Chow (Spright Frog) vs. Cristian Urena (Tearlaments)
Table 11: Dominic Couch (Tearlaments Spright Danger! P.U.N.K.) vs. Jake Quinsee (Runick Spright Frog)
Table 12: Jorge Ostolaza (Adventure Spright Frog) vs. Anthony Xu (Floowandereeze)
Table 13: Simon He (Adventure Spright Frog) vs. Jordan Gallacher (Tearlaments Danger!)
Table 14: Michael Albanese (Tearlaments Spright Danger! P.U.N.K.) vs. Adrian Gonazales (Spright Frog Live Twin)
Table 15: Chancy Wigglestove (Spright Frog) vs. Joseph Quigley (Floowandereeze)
Table 16: Pakawat Pamornsut (Tearlaments Spright Danger! P.U.N.K.) vs. James Kim (Runick Spright Frog)

There are a few streamlined Decks in the Top 32, including Anthony Xu’s Floowandereeze Deck, Ryan Yu and Raymond Dai’s Exosisters, and Collin Cleaves’s Mathmechs. However, the majority of the Decks in the Top 32 cut rely on a combination of several different strategies.

Spright strategies appear to be the most prevalent in the Top 32, with a total of 21 Decks utilizing the new Spright cards from Power of the Elements. Most of these Decks are using Frogs so that they can Xyz Summon Toadally Awesome. The Tearlaments from Power of the Elements was also expected to be one of the most powerful ones to use this weekend, and 12 Duelists used the Tearlaments to make it to the Top 32. Although more Duelists used Spright cards than Tearlaments cards in the Top 32, that could be because a small engine of Spright cards are more easily included into Decks than the Tearlaments. Many Duelists believe that the Tearlaments cards are in fact stronger than the Spright cards because they facilitate more powerful plays, but we’ll see if they were right this weekend when the champion of YCS Niagara Falls is named.

4 Duelists in the Top 32 used the new Runick cards from Tactical Masters. The Runick cards have a wide variety of effects that make them easy to incorporate into Decks, and the Runick Fountain Field Spell Card has the power to let you draw so many cards that it gets out of control.

Lots of Duelists in the Top 32 combined the Tearlaments cards with the Danger! cards, which was expected due to the synergy between those two themes. Others used P.U.N.K. cards to raise the ceiling on how strong a single turn’s play could be.

The Adventure cards, which had been popular for a while in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, seem to have lost a lot of popularity this weekend. Only 3 Duelists used them in their adventure toward a Top 32 finish.

There are still 5 more rounds to complete before the tournament is over, and the breakdown of Decks remaining in the tournament will change each round. Follow the coverage until the end to see which Duelist and Deck wins YCS Niagara Falls!