Welcome to YCS Minneapolis!

October 22nd, 2022

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series is back, and this time it’s in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

1092 Duelists have gathered at the Minneapolis Convention Center this weekend for another shot at a YCS trophy and a chance to win an Ultra Rare copy of the Anotherverse Dragon Prize Card!

This weekend’s competition will be a true test of Deckbuilding and Dueling skills. The Darkwing Blast core booster officially released just yesterday, and Duelists will need to master the cards contained within it in order to win YCS Minneapolis. Although a Deck utilizing Runick and Spright cards together came out on top at YCS Utrecht just one week ago, many Duelists believe that the Deck’s prior success is in no way a predictor of how it will fare this weekend, due to the drastic changes that Darkwing Blast brings to the competition.

New Tearlaments cards like Tearlaments Rulkallos bolster the Tearlaments strategy, while Spright Decks gained power in the form of Spright Sprind and Spright Double Cross. The new Kashtira monsters are also expected to have a big impact on the competition, thanks to the immense power of Kashtira Fenrir. The Bystial theme is expected to be used in conjunction with a variety of existing strategies, and many Duelists expect the Bystial cards to be powerful tech choices for banishing cards from an opponent’s Graveyard.

Darkwing Blast is certain to shape the landscape of competitive Dueling, and we’ll better understand the extent of its impact once the tournament is over. For now, the Duelists are seated to begin Round 1. By tomorrow’s end, one of those Duelists will become the champion of YCS Minneapolis.

It’s time to Duel!