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Round 11 Feature Match: Andrew Edwards vs. Paulie Aronson

April 2nd, 2023

We’re getting close to the Top Cut, and California Duelist Andrew Edwards is standing out as the best performing Rikka Sunavalon player. He’s facing off against Connecticut Duelist Paul Aronson, who won the North America Remote Duel YCS in February 2022. Aronson’s playing Kashtira this weekend. These Duelists need one more win in Swiss to secure their Top Cut spot. Edwards will certainly be ready for Kashtira, but will Aronson be prepared for plants?

Duel 1

Aronson began by Special Summoning Kashtira Unicorn, and it was hit by Edwards’s Effect Veiler. Aronson played Pot of Prosperity next, banishing six cards, and Edwards hit that with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Aronson played Kashtiratheosis next, and Special Summoned Kashtira Fenrir. Fenrir’s effect added Kashtira Riseheart to his hand, and he Special Summoned it. He used Fenrir and Unicorn for Kashtira Shangri-Ira, then used Riseheart’s effect, banishing Kashtira Big Bang to banish three cards from Edwards’s Deck. Big Bang Special Summoned Fenrir, and Shangri-Ira locked down the middle Monster Zone. He used Riseheart to play Kashtira Arise-Heart and passed the turn.

Andrew Edwards

Edwards had a hand of Sunseed Genius Loci, Book of Moon, Rikka Petal. He drew Lonefire Blossom. In the Standby Phase, Shangri-Ira Special Summoned Unicorn from the Deck. Edwards played Book of Moon to flip Fenrir face-down, and Book was banished due to Arise-Heart. Arise-Heart’s effect attached Garura, Wings of Resonant Life to itself (previously banished via Pot of Prosperity). Edwards continued, Normal Summoning Rikka Petal, and used its effect, but Aronson had Ash Blossom – Edwards knew it was all over, and opted to move to the second Duel.

Duel 2

Edwards started this time, with a hand of Therion “King” Regulus, Ash Blossom, Rikka Konkon, Sunseed Genius Loci, and Effect Veiler. He Normal Summoned Loci, and Link Summoned Sunavalon Dryas. Dryas was hit by Aronson’s Infinite Impermanence, and Edwards passed the turn.

Paulie Aronson

Aronson began with Pot of Desires, and Edwards negated it with Ash Blossom. Aronson then Special Summoned Unicorn, and it was negated by Edwards’s Effect Veiler. Aronson played Pot of Prosperity, banishing six cards to add Kashtiratheosis to his hand. He Special Summoned Fenrir, using it to add Riseheart to his hand. He Special Summoned that, using its effect to banish Kashtira Birth from his Deck, banishing three cards from Edwards’s Deck. He stacked Unicorn and Riseheart for Dark Armed, the Dragon of Annihilation! He sent it to attack directly, and Dryas’s effect regained Edwards’s Life Points and Special Summoned Sunvine Healer. Its effect gave another 300 Life Points. Aronson used Dark Armed’s effect to banish destroy Dryas and banish his Kashtiratheosis. Sunvine Healer’s effect caused it to destroy itself, and the banished Kashtiratheosis returned Kashtira Birth to Aronson’s hand. He used Dark Armed to play Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder, and Set one card.

Edwards drew Rikka Konkon. He had no way out, and offered the handshake!

Paulie Aronson shows the power of Kashtira to take the Match!