The View From The Top 32

April 2nd, 2023

Over 3200 competitors played in the YCS Los Angeles main event, and now the remaining field is less than 1% of that original total. After 13 Rounds of play the entire tournament’s been whittled down to just 32 Duelists, now competing in close quarters for five more Rounds. The one Duelist who survives the gauntlet of world-class competitors will earn the title of 250th YCS Champion, a legendary achievement, but getting there won’t be easy.

Here’s a look at the top 32 tables as competition kicks off!

Patrick Hoban squares off against Colin Goodrich, while Dominic Couch Duels Panagiotis Mitrothanasis
Paule Aronson Duels Thomas During, and Jesse Flores plays Steven Santoli
Christopher Ho and Zachary Bishop Stone face off, while Bryan Joseph Ramirez and Hisam Jawhari duke it out
Michael Albanese and Trevor Commer compete, and Shunping Xu battles Daniel De Meza Gutierrez
Jacob Banuelos versus Caleb Cowdry
Raymond Dai competes against Jonah Singer, and Clayton Harding Duels Paulo Roberto Goncalves da Silva
Brenden Beckmann goes against Kevin Mendoza
Michael Murphy vies for victory with Jorge Bernal Rodriguez, while Pak Pamornsut Duels Poe Jiang
Adam Belohradsky takes on Alexander Cancel in the written Feature Match