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Round 1 Feature Match: Kamal Crooks-Valdez vs. Marc-Olivier Routhier

June 24th, 2023

Welcome to Round 1 of the June 2023 North America Remote Duel YCS! Duelists from across the continent are looking to take home the title, and we’re starting with two great Duelists. First up is Kamal Crooks-Valdez, from Florida, with his Purrely Deck. He’s facing Marc-Olivier Routhier, from Trois-rivières in Quebec, using Kashtira. It’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Routhier Special Summoned Kashtira Unicorn, using its effect to get Kashtiratheosis. He used it, targeting his Unicorn, then Chained Dimension Shifter from his hand. Kashtiratheosis Special Summoned Kashtira Fenrir, which added Kashtira Riseheart to his hand. He Xyz Summoned Kashtira Shangri-Ira, then Special Summoned Riseheart. He used its effect, banishing Kashtira Big Bang from his Deck. Shangri-Ira locked down a Pendulum Zone. Big Bang’s effect Special Summoned Unicorn, then he used it with Riseheart to Xyz Summon another Shangri-Ira, and then Kashtira Arise-Heart! He played Pot of Prosperity, banishing 6 cards from his Extra Deck to add Forbidden Lance to his hand. Arise-Heart’s effect attached Infinitrack Goliath from his banished cards. He Set one card in his back row.

In Crooks-Valdez’s Standby Phase, Routhier used Shangri-Ira to Special Summon a Fenrir. Crooks-Valdez started things off with Triple Tactics Thrust, adding Triple Tactics Talent to his hand. Thrust was banished due to Arise-Heart, which used its effect to attach Big Bang to itself. Crooks-Valdez used Talent, trying to take a monster, and Routhier flipped Forbidden Lance targeting Arise-Heart. Talent stole Fenrir. Arise-Heart’s effect activated again, and Routhier Chained its other effect to banish the Fenrir. The first effect resolved, attaching Elder Entity N’tss. Big Bang, which he just detached, Special Summoned Unicorn. Crooks-Valdez continued, and Normal Summoned Purrely to add Purrelyeap!?. Arise-Heart banished Purrely, and Shangri-Ira locked down another Spell/Trap Zone. Crooks-Valdez conceded in the face of Routhier’s overwhelming board.

Duel 2

Crooks-Valdez chose to play second in this Duel, much to Routhier’s delight. Routhier started off by Special Summoning Fenrir, which added Unicorn to his hand. He played Kashtira Birth, then Normal Summoned Unicorn, using its effect to add Kashtiratheosis to his hand. He used it to Special Summon Kashtira Riseheart. He used Fenrir and Unicorn to play Shangri-Ira, then used Riseheart to banish Big Bang. Shangri-Ira locked down a zone, then Big Bang let him Special Summon Unicorn. He Xyz Summoned another Shangri-Ira, then Arise-Heart. Just like last game, he had Pot of Prosperity! He banished 6 cards, adding Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to his hand. Arise-Heart attached Infinitrack Goliath to itself. He tried to pass his turn, but Crooks-Valdez had Nibiru, the Primal Being! The Primal Being Token came down in Attack Position. Routhier played Triple Tactics Talent, looking at Crooks-Valdez’s hand: Another Nibiru, his own Triple Tactics Talent, Purrely Pretty Memory, and Purrely Delicious Memory. Delicious Memory was sent back to the Deck. Routhier used Birth to Special Summon Fenrir. Routhier then revealed Scareclaw Kashtira! He banished Kashtiratheosis to Special Summon it, and Kashtiratheosis returned Big Bang to his hand. He Xyz Summoned Dark Armed, Dragon of Annihilation! It banished Arise-Heart to destroy Nibiru.

Crooks-Valdez played Pretty Memory, giving each player 1000 Life Points. He discarded Nibiru to Special Summon Purrelyly, and Routhier hit it with Ash Blossom. Crooks-Valdez used Triple Tactics Talent, taking control of Dark Armed. He used its effect, destroying the Primal Being Token. He used Purrelyly’s effect to play Epurrely Beauty, and activated the effect it gained from Pretty Memory to send Dark Armed to the Graveyard, attaching Routhier’s Kashtira Birth as a material. He attacked, then played Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder in Defense Position.

Routhier drew a card and passed.

Crooks-Valdez switched Zeus to Attack Position and attacked directly. He Set one back row card.

Routhier drew and went directly to his Battle Phase, then played Evenly Matched. Crooks-Valdez kept his Zeus on the field.

Zeus attacked again, leaving Routhier on death’s door.

Routhier played Book of Moon, flipping Zeus face-down. He Set one card in his back row.

Crooks-Valdez played Lightning Storm to destroy it! That left Routhier wide open for Zeus to finish the Duel!

Duel 3

Routhier began the final Duel with Terraforming to get Pressured Planet Wraitsoth. He played it, adding Knightmare Unicorn to his hand. He Special Summoned Unicorn, which added Kashtira Birth to his hand. He played it, then Normal Summoned Kashtira Fenrir to find Scareclaw Kashtira. He Special Summoned Kashtira Riseheart next, using its effect to banish Big Bang and become Level 7. He used all three monsters to Xyz Summon Arise-Heart. Although this play was a bit unorthodox, it left him out of danger from Nibiru. He played Pot of Prosperity, banishing 6 cards to add Book of Moon to his hand. Arise-Heart triggered, attaching Infinitrack Goliath to itself. He Set one back row card.

Crooks-Valdez started with Stray Purrely Street. He played Purrely Happy Memory, and Routhier used Ash Blossom. Arise-Heart triggered, attaching Elder Entity N’tss to itself. Crooks-Valdez Normal Summoned Purrely, and Routhier Chained Book of Moon to flip it face-down. Purrely’s effect added Purrelyeap!? to his hand. Arise-Heart attached Big Bang. Crooks-Valdez continued, using Purrely Pretty Memory. Routhier Chained Arise-Heart to banish Stray Purrely Street, detaching Big Bang as part of the cost. Pretty Memory resolved, and Special Summoned Purrelyly. In a new Chain, Arise-Heart, Purrelyly, and Big Bang all activated. Big Bang Special Summoned Fenrir, then Purrelyly added My Friend Purrely, and Arise-Heart attached Fossil Machine Skull Wagon to itself. Crooks-Valdez used My Friend Purrely, revealing three copies of Purrely Sleepy Memory, adding one to his hand. He activated another Street, then played Sleepy Memory to Special Summon Purrely. Arise-Heart attached PSY-Framelord Omega to itself. Purrely’s effect added Purrelyeap!? to his hand. He used Purrely and Purrelyly to Xyz Summon Slacker Magician. It attacked Fenrir, and no damage was dealt thanks to Sleepy Memory. Then, he used it to play Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder! In the End Phase, he used Zeus to send everything else to the Graveyard. Since Elder Entity N’tss had been an Xyz Material, its effect then destroyed Zeus, leaving the field entirely clear.

Routhier Special Summoned Scareclaw Kashtira, banishing Arise-Heart. He attacked directly with it, dropping Crooks-Valdez to 5900.

Crooks-Valdez passed with no plays.

Routhier attacked again and Set one back row card.

Crooks-Valdez played Purrely Happy Memory, but Routhier had Solemn Judgment!

Routhier played Pressured Planet Wraitsoth! He got Fenrir, giving him enough to end the Duel and the Match!

Marc-Olivier Routhier takes the Match with Kashtira!