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YCS Richmond Full Deck Breakdown

November 5th, 2023

Here’s the full Deck breakdown of all 1,494 Decks here this weekend at YCS Richmond!

A lot of these Decks were popular and expected, but there’s no shortage of surprises!

Heading into the event, many Duelists expected Sinful Spoils Rescue-ACE to be the Deck to beat, and sure enough it’s showed up in force. A total of 12% of all Decks in YCS Richmond are Rescue-ACE! Other Duelists are putting their hopes into Purrely and Tearlaments, each taking up 8% of the field. Right behind those are Unchained and Mannadium with 7% of the event’s total table share. Rounding out the remainder of the top half are Labrynth, Vanquish Soul, and Floowandereeze Decks, each at 4%.

One Deck that’s noticeable for its absence is Mikanko. Just last week, Michel Verissimo took down YCS Santa Cruz with the Deck. And yet, there are fewer than twenty Duelists playing the Deck here in Richmond. Is this due to the short time between events, with Duelists not having time to learn something new? Or do they just not have faith in the Mikanko strategy? We’ll have to wait and see how that Deck and all the others perform as we move into Day 2.