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TEAM YCS Las Vegas Day 2 Deck Breakdown

February 25th, 2024

Welcome to Day 2 of TEAM YCS Las Vegas! We’ve compiled all the Deck data for the remaining 248 Duelists in competition. Read on for the breakdown.

Snake-Eye variants were expected to be strong, and they’re showing their dominance today! Fire King Snake-Eye is the most popular by a large margin, with precisely half the competitors using it. Pure Snake-Eye are the next most popular Deck, with 58 representatives.

Beyond that are a large number of alternative strategies. Voiceless Voice are the most popular of the non-FIRE Decks. Closely behind that are Despia Branded, Kashtira, and Floowandereeze Decks. All of these are still strong options for Duelists who want an alternative to Snake-Eyes.

A handful of other Decks like Purrely, Rescue-ACE, Labrynth, and Mannadium are also here. Plus, there are 15 “Other” Decks, all of which have one representative. While the Snake-Eye Decks are a huge portion of the field, there are still quite a few other options that players are finding success with. We still have two more Swiss rounds to go, so we shall see how things settle when we cut to the Top 16!