Welcome to YCS Indianapolis!

June 1st, 2024

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series is back in Indianapolis, Indiana! 1830 Duelists gathered this weekend to test their skills, and one of them will leave the Indiana Convention Center with a spectacular trophy, an Ultra Rare Anotherverse Gluttonia, and many more prizes. Most importantly, only one Duelist will claim this weekend’s championship title and the prestige that comes with being named a YCS Champion!

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YCS Indianapolis will test Duelists’ mastery over cards released in the latest booster set: Legacy of Destruction. Even though Legacy of Destruction was released over a month ago, YCS Indianapolis is North America’s first YCS event in which the cards contained in the set are legal for tournament use. Recent Regional Qualifier results and results from international tournaments revealed that these cards drastically changed the landscape of top-level Dueling. Legacy of Destruction introduced the competitive Tenpai Dragon strategy to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, while boosting themes like Lightsworn, Melodious, and Voiceless Voice.  It’s likely that cards from Legacy of Destruction will have a major impact on this weekend’s tournament.

FIRE Decks built around the Snake-Eyes cards – often incorporating other strategies – are still viewed as the top Deck by most Duelists competing. The FIRE strategy’s success at YCS Raleigh, and then again at YCS Rio de Janeiro after Legacy of Destruction was released, is hard to ignore. But since the last YCS, Duelists have been fine-tuning their Decks and learning how to best use the recently-released cards. Many Duelists are counting on the new Tenpai Dragon strategy to carry them to victory this weekend, while others are counting on the incorporation of powerful new cards like Snake-Eyes Diabellstar, Lightsworn Dragonling, Nightmare Apprentice, Centur-Ion Auxila, Blessing of the Voiceless Voice, and Nightmare Throne into their Decks.

Lots of different Decks got support in Legacy of Destruction, while new Decks were also thrown into the mix! Any one of them can win, and we’ll be bringing you round-by-round event coverage right here on the Konami coverage blog! In addition, you can watch the Official Konami Livestream on Twitch and YouTube to see the action as it unfolds!

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The Duelists are shuffling their Decks and about to begin Round 1! It’s almost time to Duel!