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YCS First-Timers at YCS Indianapolis

June 1st, 2024

Everyone’s journey starts somewhere!

YCS Indianapolis is about to start, and there are tons of seasoned Duelists here from across North America ready to compete for the title of YCS Champion. However, for many players, this is their first time entering such a large event. We spoke to some players here from the floor to discuss their early takes on YCS Indianapolis!

Mark Collins

Mark Collins is playing at his first YCS, and is piloting the Tenpai Dragon strategy that recently debuted in Legacy of Destruction. He’s hoping that the quick pace of the Deck will help him to end games quickly!

Nick Scantland

Despite playing at several Regional Qualifier events, as well as at the NAWCQ in 2023, this is Nick Scantland’s first time playing at a YCS! He chose to play the Kashtira strategy this weekend, because of strong cards like Dimension Shifter and Kashtira Fenrir that can be really effective in a lot of different matchups.

James Davis

James is playing with a Resonator Deck, which uses cards from Structure Deck: The Crimson King to make powerful Synchro monsters. He’s here with a group of friends to experience his first YCS, and is looking forward to the chance to compete at a high level against players that he normally wouldn’t have the chance to play with.

The event is about to get started, so be sure to stay tuned. There’s a chance that we could see some of these new faces at the top tables later on in the weekend here at YCS Indianapolis!