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YCS Indianapolis: Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

June 2nd, 2024

We’re down to just 32 Duelists here at YCS Indianapolis! Check out the breakdown of the Decks these Duelists used to make it into the Top Cut!

Snake-Eye Decks took the majority of spots in the Top 32, with 20 Duelists in the Top 32 piloting pure Snake-Eye Decks, and other Duelists relying on a Snake-Eye Deck that incorporates other strategies into them. Overall, this did not come as a surprise to most Duelists, who have become accustomed to the dominance of the Snake-Eye strategy form recent YCS events.

However, many Duelists were surprised to see that the second most represented strategy in the Top 32 of YCS Indianapolis was Melodious. Melodious Decks got a bunch of amazing new cards in Legacy of Destruction, and the impact of those cards is immediately obvious from the results here this weekend.

Other strategies including Runick, Kashtira, Labrynth, Tenpai Dragon, Branded Despia, and Voiceless Voice also made it into the Top 32, and although Snake-Eye Decks have the most representatives seated in the Top 32, a Duelist piloting any one of these Decks can still take home the trophy this weekend.

Graphical representation of the Top 32 Decks at YCS Indianapolis

There are just 5 elimination rounds left in YCS Indianapolis! At the end of them all, one Duelist will remain. Follow the coverage to see which Duelist and Deck prevails!