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A Song of Ice Hand and Fire Hand

April 9th, 2014

Today’s Dragons of Legend cards can quite literally high-five the sky when they aren’t busy annihilating your opponent’s cards one by one! Played by the Barian Girag in Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, put your hands together for Fire Hand and Ice Hand!


These two play off each other in a huge way. Any time you’re in possession of Fire Hand or Ice Hand, and they’re destroyed by your opponent and land in your Graveyard, you’ll get to destroy another card in their stead! Fire Hand burns away an opposing monster, while Ice Hand chills any Spell or Trap Card. After you do that, each Hand will then replace itself by Summoning the other from your Deck! Think Reborn Tengu or the duo of White Dragon Wyverburster and Black Dragon Collapserpent – except with more explosions!

Your opponent will have a hard time eliminating your Hands without dire consequences. Whether by Torrential Tribute, Atlantean Marksman, or even Solemn Warning on their Normal Summon, the Hands will still be able to activate, provided that there’s a target for their destruction effects. Even battle will set off the Hand effects, whether your opponent is attacking, or if you’re crashing your Hand into a bigger monster.

Ice Hand and Fire Hand work equally well in offensive and defensive strategies. You can play them face-down, leaving your opponent guessing to what they are until it’s too late; or you can go in swinging, safe in the knowledge that they will rarely be destroyed in vain.

You’ll also find that filling the Graveyard is an easy task with these two, and there are many ways to take advantage of that fact. You could use The Transmigration Prophecy to put a pair of Hands back into the Deck, lengthening your chain of monsters. A great way to follow up the Hand’s destruction effects is with Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls or Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, to dish out some heavy damage or pull off a big Xyz Summon. And if you’ve been around Dueling for long enough, you can probably think of another dragon that works great with the Hands too – Frost and Flame Dragon! For years, Frost and Flame Dragon has been difficult to Summon, since FIRE and WATER have rarely played well together. Ice Hand and Fire Hand change that completely, finally giving Frost and Flame Dragon a chance to do its thing!

Ice Hand and Fire Hand are just two of the great new monsters making the leap from your TV to your real life Deck in Dragons of Legend! Stay tuned, as you won’t want to miss a single reveal! Dragons of Legend launches on April 25th.

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