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Ready Your Army for the Last Chapter of the Noble Knights!

July 30th, 2014

Noble Knight Duelists face many challenges as they attempt to navigate their Knights through seas of monsters, Trap Cards, and removal effects, looking for a path to their opponent’s Life Points. But there is, perhaps, no greater challenge for them to overcome than sustaining their campaign past the early turns of the Duel. What do you do when your barracks are barren and your armory empty? This November, in the Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set, the brand new Spell Card, Last Chapter of the Noble Knights, will allow Noble Knight Decks to tip the scales of justice back in their favor – no matter how long the odds, no matter how strong the enemy.

Last Chapter of the Noble Knights is a Normal Spell you can activate when your opponent controls at least one monster and you don’t. It targets 1 “Noble Arms” Equip Spell in your Graveyard and 1 “Noble Knight” monster in your Graveyard that can be equipped with that Spell. When it resolves, you Special Summon that monster and equip it with the Equip Spell. You can only activate one Last Chapter of the Noble Knights per turn, but that’s the only limitation. You’re free to Summon whatever you want afterwards, no Life Points are lost, no Battle Phases are lost, no effects negated, you don’t have to Summon in Defense Position or anything like that. Your chosen champion just gets right back in the game, armed and ready to fight for what’s right.

It should be fairly obvious that this card works well with Noble Knight Medraut. He’s the biggest target for enemy removal cards as-is because of his ability to string together Summons and create huge combos out of nothing. It also works great with Noble Knight Borz, as you can use Borz’s effect right away to grab another Noble Arm to go with another Knight you may have in hand or just to power up Borz further. Using it with Noble Knight Drystan lets it double as a removal Spell since equipping Drystan triggers his effect. Noble Knight Gwalchavad can come back from the Graveyard and immediately use his ability to pick up another Knight from the Graveyard as well, an ability which has always played nicely with Noble Knight Gawayn. Just because you don’t have to put the monster you Summon in Defense Position doesn’t mean you can’t, so Noble Knight Brothers can benefit from their massive DEF, pick up an Noble Arm, and start using their powerful effect to reload your Deck and draw cards. Speaking of free cards, Noble Knight Peredur, after giving you one Equip Spell back from the Graveyard, can be revived with Noble Arms in hand to put even more pressure on the opponent.

The message is clear: Last Chapter of the Noble Knights is a card you always want to see – it’s the dagger that cuts your opponent’s comebacks short in Duels you’re winning, gets you back into Duels you’re losing, tips the ones that could go either way in your favor, and it’s great with every single Noble Knight.

Just remember – you can only find Last Chapter of the Noble Knights in the Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set. It’ll be a Platinum Rare (not to be confused with Platinum Secret Rare – they are different) just like every other card in the box, and it’s a perfect addition to the Noble Knight Deck you’ve already built or the Noble Knight Deck you’ve always wanted to build. “The Once and Future Noble Knight Deck”, if you will.

You’ll be able to pick up the Noble Knights of the Round Table Box Set, which contains a 43-card ALL-FOIL Deck (40 card Main Deck featuring Merlin, Last Chapter of the Noble Knights, and a new Noble Knight, along with a 3 card Extra Deck), a 3 card Power-Up-Pack, a full size rubber Game Mat, 70 card sleeves, and one storage box starting November 21st!