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Card of Demise Debuts on Friday!

April 12th, 2016

The Millennium Pack launches on Friday and comes loaded with cards from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series making their debut in the real life card game along with brand new cards inspired by the classic series and tons of alternate art versions of famous cards. The most talked about of all of these new cards is more than likely going to be Card of Demise – Kaiba’s go-to hand refiller now making it’s debut!


Card of Demise cuts off your Special Summons completely for the turn and prevents you from dealing any more damage that turn, but in return you get to draw until you have 3 cards in your hand! You have to send those cards to the Graveyard at the end of the turn, so it’s important to make them count. Decks with lots of Trap Cards get the most mileage out of this card because you can Set multiple Traps in the same turn whereas you’re Limited to only Normal Summoning one monster during your turn.

In fact, Card of Demise goes great in the classic Counter Fairy Deck! Bountiful Artemis and Guiding Ariadne are incredibly important to this strategy, and being able to Set all your Traps and then dig for one or both of them is a really big deal. Because Ariadne is a Pendulum Monster, it’s even easy to get out of your hand to empty it for Card of Demise or after playing Card of Demise to maximize the usage you get out of those cards. Special Summons are few and far between, and you’ll usually Set your cards in Main Phase 2 anyways making concerns about dealing damage irrelevant.

Qliphorts are another Deck that can easily make use of the extra cards offered by Card of Demise. Much like the Counter Fairy strategy, Qliphorts rely heavily on their Trap Cards to do the heavy lifting while setting up to Tribute Qliphort Carrier/Qliphort Helix for Qliphort Stealth to clear the way for a massive Pendulum Summon. To get that far in the Duel, you need to find your single copy of Qliphort Scout as well as disruptive Traps to keep your opponent in check, and Card of Demise can help you find both.

It can be a little tricky nowadays to work within the confines placed on your when you activate Card of Demise, but if you can learn to do it you’ll be drawing way more cards than everyone else and giving yourself a huge leg up in competition.

The Millennium Pack goes on sale this Friday, April 15th.