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Invasion: Vengeance is Toadally Awesome!

October 11th, 2016

It’s been years since Frogs were topping tournaments, but the future’s about to get amphibious with Invasion: Vengeance.  One of the hottest new cards from the set is a killer Rank 2 that Special Summons Frogs, swings for 2200 Battle Damage, and locks down the field with an incredibly nasty negation effect.

There’s a new Extra Deck powerhouse heading your way, and there’s only one way to describe it… Toadally Awesome.

You Xyz Summon Toadally Awesome using a pair of Level 2 Aqua-Type monsters.  While most cards for the Frog theme have high DEF and low ATK, Toadally Awesome flips the froggy script: it’s got a deadly 2200 ATK and 0 DEF.

Once per turn in your Standby Phase, you can detach an Xyz Material from Toadally Awesome to Special Summon a “Frog” monster from your Deck.  That’s great, because it replaces the Xyz Materials you used to Summon Awesome in the first place, giving you more defense and more possible Materials.  You can even use them for another Toadally Awesome!

If you Special Summon Swap Frog you can load another Frog to your Graveyard to fuel further effects.  Wall up with Dupe Frog instead, and it’ll keep your opponent from attacking Toadally Awesome, so you can hold its negation ability for when you really want it.  Then if Dupe Frog’s sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can search another Frog with Dupe Frog’s effect.

The “Frog” Monsters you Special Summon are all Aqua-Types too, and that feeds Toadally Awesome’s final ability: once per turn, during either player’s turn, you can send an Aqua-Type to the Graveyard from your hand or field to negate the activation of an opposing Spell Card, Trap Card, or monster effect.  If you do you’ll destroy that card, and then Set it to your field.  Your opponent loses their card, you get to use it instead, and all it costs you is one monster!

If you’re playing a Frog deck you can use Frogs for that, but even if you aren’t playing Frogs, you can send away Toadally Awesome itself to use its effect and negate whatever you want.  That means you can play Toadally Awesome in lots of different Decks, with or without Frogs. And even if you have to get rid of Toadally Awesome itself, it has one final effect that can return a WATER monster to your hand or itself to the Extra Deck!

Here are some slick ways to Summon it.

Ronintoadin’s a Level 2 Aqua-Type that you can revive by banishing a “Frog” monster from your Graveyard.  It can stand tall in the face of attacks with 2000 DEF and it’s half of your Xyz Materials for Toadally Awesome, basically for free.  You can also send it to the Graveyard for an Awesome negation effect.

You can Banish Rescue Rabbit to Special Summon two Normal Monsters straight from your Deck: Psychic Kappa, Turu-Purun, and the monster formerly known as Frog the Jam, are all Level 2 Aqua-Types, so you can Rabbit straight into Toadally Awesome for just one card.

Paleozoics are an Awesome pairing too.  Trap Cards like Paleozoic Canadia, Paleozoic Olenoides, and Paleozoic Pikaia can be Special Summoned from your Graveyard as monsters, again and again to make Xyz Summons for free.  Since the Paleozoics are Level 2 Aqua-Types, that means free Awesomeness, and because you’re using them as Xyz Material, they go back to your Graveyard when detached instead of being banished.

Bahamut Shark is a Rank 4 Xyz Monster made by overlaying two Level 4 WATER monsters.  Its effect lets you detach one of its Xyz Materials once per turn, to Special Summon a Rank 3 or lower WATER Xyz from your Extra Deck.  So if you can make Bahamut Shark, you can Special Summon a Toadally Awesome to go with it. Or two Toadally Awesomes if you can keep Shark on the field long enough.

There’s a surprising number of Level 4 WATER monsters in a lot of themes that you might not expect to see them in too. Chocolate Magician Girl is a Level 4 WATER monster, for example. Same goes for Aromage Rosemary. Back in the more properly aquatic realm, however, here’s an old-school combo with a brand new result that’s twice as Awesome as ever before!

Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth is a Level 7 Fish-Type monster, and once per turn, you can discard a card and Special Summon as many Level 4 or lower Fish-Type monsters as possible from your Deck.  Those Fish can’t declare attacks and their effects are negated, but you can still use them as Materials for other Summons.  See where this is going?

Get Deepsea King to the field and pitch a card to Special Summon four Fish: as long as they’re Level 4 WATER monsters, you can overlay them for two Bahamut Sharks.  From there each Shark will Special Summon a copy of Toadally Awesome, immediately fielding a whopping 12,400 ATK with two Toadally Awesomes to keep the Duel under control.  Since Bahamut Shark has 2600 ATK and Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth has 2800 ATK, you can win the game against a clear field next turn with 8000 Battle Damage exactly, even if you have to use both of your Toadally Awesomes.

We’ve never seen a Rank 2 Xyz Monster this powerful before, and Toadally Awesome’s bound to change the face of competition once it arrives. Expect it to be one of the hottest cards at your Invasion: Vengeance Sneak Previews, October 29th and/or 30th!