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Code of the Duelist: Linking the Past

July 27th, 2017

We’re back with more Code of the Duelist cards! Today’s focus is on two Link monsters, which you’ll probably see in many Decks thanks to their versatility. They work great on their own, and even play well together. Let’s start things off with the monster EARTH Decks will love, Missus Radiant!


Old school Duelists will remember Milus Radiant, a monster that could power up EARTH monsters and weaken WIND ones. Milus Radiant was looking a little… feral, to say the least. Now it’s gotten a flea bath and a makeover, and returns as Missus Radiant! You just need two EARTH monsters to play Missus Radiant, and with two arrows pointing diagonally down, it’s a great card to place in your Extra Monster Zone for more Summons later.

Missus Radiant still has the ability to strengthen EARTH monsters and weaken WIND monsters. Since Missus Radiant is EARTH itself, it automatically jumps to 1900 ATK. It’s also got built-in insurance – if Missus is destroyed, you’ll get to take an EARTH monster from your Graveyard back to your hand. You can take back a useful card, or at the very least have Missus target itself to put it back in your Extra Deck for later.

Since you need EARTH monsters, Missus is a great fit in strategies like Gouki or Zoodiac. You can definitely play Missus in strategies that aren’t dedicatedly EARTH, however. As long as your Deck can place two EARTH monsters on the field consistently, Missus Radiant can still be a useful card for you. Cards like Scapegoat go a long way, since the Sheep Tokens can be used for Missus Radiant, Link Spider, and Firewall Dragon, as well as to block attacks.

Our next card can fit into any Extra Deck, no matter the strategy! The latest in a long line of knights, it’s Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow!


Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow has a Link Rating of 3, and no effect. It makes up for that with its beefy 2600 ATK, useful Link Arrows pointing down and to the sides, and its Link Materials. You see, the Link Materials for Gaia Saber are just… monsters. Any monsters – it doesn’t matter what their Type or Attribute is, or if they have effects. Any three monsters can be used for Gaia Saber, or you can upgrade a Link 2 monster along with any other monster.

Basically, unless you’re using something unusual like The Monarchs Erupt, you can play Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow in your Deck. You have nothing to lose, and you gain access to a powerful Link Monster with high ATK and great Link Arrow placement.

Gaia Saber plays nicely with Missus Radiant as well. You can use the Link 2 Missus as a stepping stone to play Gaia Saber, or if you can play them together you’ll have Gaia Saber at 3100 ATK! The aforementioned Scapegoat also works great here, allowing you to basically trade your Quick-Play Spell for a strong Link Monster with Gaia Saber.

You’ll find Missus Radiant and Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow to be great cards in a wide variety of Decks. Any EARTH strategy will probably want Missus Radiant, while Gaia Saber can fit into literally anything you want. Look out for both of these Link Monsters at the Code of the Duelist Sneak Preview this weekend!

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