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Public Event Raffle Playoffs Finals: Zach Olmer Versus Rick Gratton

October 10th, 2010

At every YCS, 4 Duelists are chosen by raffle out of all the Duelists who played in Public Events for a chance to win a Super Rare set of the Darklord Prize Cards. To claim them, they must win a 4-player single elimination tournament. In the finals, Zach Olmer was playing Dragons, while Rick Gratton was playing Quickdraw: the winner of this Match would walk away from this table with a set of the Darklord Prize Cards.  Neither Duelist was wasting time, and the Match started immediately!

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Round 3 Feature Match: Michael Boire VS Beau Sherbok

September 4th, 2010

Beau Sherbok traveled here this weekend from Niagara, while Michael is a native of nearby Brantford, Ontario.  While Sherbok is running Blackwings, his opponent Boire is playing a Dragon Deck using Delta Flyer to smooth out his Synchro Summons and Dandylion to make his Debris Dragons even better while fueling the effects of Scrap Dragon and Trident Dragion.  Boire’s Deck is really good at Summoning big monsters, and it’s especially good at Synchro Summoning – but if he overreaches here, he could lose out to cards like Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame and Icarus Attack.  This one was anybody’s game.

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