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Round 10 Feature Match: Douglas Haddad vs. William Wei

April 21st, 2024

Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Raleigh! We’re starting the day with Douglas Haddad, from New Jersey, playing Runick Plunder Patroll! Haddad is known for being a Plunder Patroll aficionado, sporting a pirate hat at every YCS. His opponent is William Wei, from Indiana, playing Branded Voiceless Voice. Will his mix of Rituals and Fusions carry him to victory, or will the Plunder Patroll sink that ship?

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3rd Place Playoff Feature Match: Michel Da Silva Luiz (Team Fala Galera and The Disciples) vs. Rashad Jones (Team 2 Doods)

February 25th, 2024

Playing for 3rd place isn’t just for bragging rights. We’ve got three Super Rare copies of the YCS Prize Card Anotherverse Gluttonia, and they’re going to the winners of this Match!

Team Fala Galera and The Disciples is here from Brazil! Representing them in this Feature Match is Michel Da Silva Luiz, playing Voiceless Voice! They’re facing Team 2 Doods, with Michel playing against the Doods’ Rashad Jones. He’s here from Atlanta, GA, playing Fire King Snake-Eye!

Rashad Jones
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Round 5 Feature Match: Connor Albury (Team Kuribros) vs. Jon Pineda (Team Paez Gaming)

February 24th, 2024

Welcome to Round 5! Representing Team Kuribros is Connor Albury, here from Spanish Wells, Bahamas, using Voiceless Voice! His opponent is Jon Pineda, of Team Paez Gaming. This Denver Duelist is using a Red Dragon Archfiend Deck! It’s Rituals versus Synchros, and only one can come out on top!

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Round 2 Feature Match: Zackary Wilkinson (Team Millennium Games) vs. Ryan Levine (Team Three P(Eat))

February 24th, 2024

Welcome to Round 2 of TEAM YCS Las Vegas! We are here Team Three P(Eat), including Ryan Levine, Michael Albanese, and the two-time YCS Las Vegas Champion, Dominic Couch! They’re facing Team Millennium Games, with Zackary Wilkinson, Anthony Saurini, and Dominic Rushing.

This Feature Match takes Zackary Wilkinson, from Rochester, NY, against Ryan Levine, from Arlington, VA. Wilkinson is using Voiceless Voice, while Levine is on Snake-Eye Fire Kings. It’s time to Duel!

Ryan Levine
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