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Eight More Duelists Enter the Fray!

June 9th, 2018

Round 3 is about to begin, and the VIP Duelists that earned a two-round Bye in the Central America WCQ are gearing up for their first Duels! Check out which Duelists earned VIP status for the 2018 Central America World Championship Qualifier, and see how they earned it!

(1.) Alberto Francisco Campaigniac Palacios (Guatemala National Champion)
(2.) Paulo Jossue Espinales Salgado (Nicaragua National Champion)
(3.) Jose Andres Guevara Duarte (Costa Rica National Champion)
(4.) Luis Angel Penaflores Ortega (Mexico National Champion)
(5.) Jose Martin Rodriguez Caballero (Panama National Champion)
(6.) Alejandro Garcia Moreno (UDS Champion)
(7.) Adrian Madriz Espinoza (YCS Costa Rica Champion)
(8.) Luis Gabriel Ramo Rosas (YCS Guadalajara Champion)

UDS Champion Aaron Arturo Aguirre Osuna is also a VIP Duelist, but entered the tournament without realizing it! He realized it after winning the first Swiss Round, and was then awarded a Bye in Round 2. He will resume Dueling in Round 3.

How will our VIP Duelists fare in the 2018 Central America WCQ? Follow the coverage to find out!