Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

June 3rd, 2018

Here they are, your Top 32 Duelists and the Decks they’re using!


Table 1: Muhtasim Tahmid Mallick (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Kristoffer Nielsen (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 2: Aaron Chase Furman (Gouki) vs. Raymond Young Dai (Sky Striker)

Table 3: Bohdan John Temnyk (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Galileo Mauricio De Obaldia Soza (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 4: Jeffrey Michael Alexander Jones (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Michael Zimmitti Jr. (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 5: Cristian Rafael Urena (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Hani Yasser Jawhari (Gouki)

Table 6: Timothy George Cox (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Luke Joseph Parkes (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 7: Dakota Clint Angeloff (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Jeffrey Parker York Jr. (Gouki)

Table 8: Kevin Kennith Bortle Jr. (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Calvin Habib Tahan (ABC)

Table 9: Anthony James Sciulli (Trickstar) vs. Angel Enrique Carrion Tabarcia Jr. (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 10: Calvin Tam Chow (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Yucheng Li (Altergeist)

Table 11: Titto Alias Maret (Sky Striker) vs. Gabriel Julius Franc (Altergeist)

Table 12: Maximillian John Edwards Reynolds (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Darren James Stephenson (Sky Striker Trickstar)

Table 13: Johnathan Wayne Gouchenour (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Matthew Evan Harris Vanden Heuvel (Gouki)

Table 14: Manav Dawar (Sky Striker) vs. Steven J. Trifunoski (Pendulum)

Table 15: Kenny Allen Reeves (Trickstar) vs. Jonathan Yan Ma (Gouki)

Table 16: Alex Edmund Coffey (Gouki) vs. Daniel Peter Shogan (SPYRAL)


The Top 32 breakdown is:

16 Sky Striker Trickstar
3 Sky Striker
2 Trickstar
6 Gouki
2 Altergeist
1 Pendulum


Half the Top 32 are using Sky Striker Trickstar Decks, a trend which we saw developing even in the earliest Rounds yesterday. The two themes work together extremely well, but we do have a total of five Duelists who opted to just play one or the other. The pure Sky Striker Decks tend to focus on having a lot of “hand traps” like Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring to shut down their opponents while the Sky Striker cards do the heavy lifting. They’re also playing a lot of spell-based control like Called by the Grave and Shared Ride, since those spells will power up the Sky Striker spells.

The next biggest strategy is Gouki. Gouki have been around since Code of the Duelist, but have really begun to shine in recent weeks. The addition of Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights and Knightmares has given them a lot of new options.

Altergeists have two representatives in the Top 32, showing just how good the new Altergeist Multifaker is. They play a slow game, looking to grind their opponents down over time. Out of the Decks in the Top 32, they’re by far the most defensive.

Finally, one each of ABC, Pendulum, and SPYRAL made the cut. Each of these has been a successful strategy over the last year, so it’s no surprise to see Duelists stick with them to this day.