Top 8 Pairings and Deck Breakdown

August 26th, 2018

Here are the 8 Duelists still in contention!

Dakota Clint Angeloff (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Avery Nicholas Foster (Gouki)

Andrew Gerard Fredella (Sky Striker Trickstar) vs. Brian John Kalina (Sky Striker Gouki)

Brian Rayos (Sky Striker Mekk-Knight) vs. Cameron Taylor Neal (Sky Striker Gouki)

Jeffrey Michael Alexander Jones (Sky Striker) vs. Jordan Gilbert Sanchez (DARK Gouki)

We have an even split of four dedicated Sky Striker variants and four Gouki Decks! A few of the Gouki Decks are actually using Sky Strikers, but the primary purpose there is for Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones, since it creates a Warrior-type token. There’s also one DARK-focused build using Armageddon Knight and Destiny HERO – Malicious.

The Sky Striker builds are all varied as well. Two Duelists are using Trickstars, one of the most popular versions of the strategy over the last few months. Since Sky Strikers rarely use a Normal Summon, Trickstars can fill that gap using Trickstar Candina. A Mekk-Knight build is in the Top 8, giving even more Special Summon power to the Deck. And finally, there’s one pure build – no additional archetype cards to potentially muck up your hand, and more space to play hand traps like Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.

The pairings have managed to place each Sky Striker Duelist against a Gouki Duelist. Stay tuned to see who remains when the dust settles!