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Dragon Duel Playoff Feature Match: Peter Chalmeau vs. Daivyon Wasson

October 23rd, 2022

It all comes down to this! Peter Chalmeau came in first place for today’s Dragon Duel event, and he’s facing off against yesterday’s winner Daivyon Wasson. The winner here will take home the trophy, the Darklord prize cards, and the title of YCS Minneapolis Dragon Duel Champion! Both Duelist are playing Tearlaments strategies, so this should be an exciting Match!

Duel 1

Chalmeau won the dice roll and chose to play first, and started with Tearlaments Merrli. Wasson responded with Tearlaments Havnis, sending his own Merrli, along with Blazing Cartesia, the Virtuous and Destrudo the Lost Dragons’s Frisson. Wasson Fusion Summoned Tearlaments Kitkallos. He used Kitkallos’s effect, and Chalmeau had his own Tearlaments Havnis! Wasson used Kitkallos to send Tearlaments Scheiren, then Fusion Summoned Predaplant Dragostapelia! Chalmeau continued, using his Tearlaments to play his own Kitkallos, which was negated by Dragostapelia. Chalmeau Special Summoned Spright Red, then used Kitkallos and Merrli to play Spright Sprind. It sent Nimble Angler to the Graveyard, which Special Summoned two copies of Nimble Beaver. He used one Beaver with Sprind for Gigantic Spright, which Special Summoned Swap Frog. Swap sent another Swap to the Graveyard. He used Gigantic with the other Beaver for Spright Elf, which revived Swap. He used both Swaps to play Toadally Awesome!

Wasson had a hand of Danger! Nessie!; Tearlaments Sulliek; Tearlaments Cryme; and Branded in High Spirits. He drew Forbidden Droplet. He activated it, sending High Spirits, Dragostapelia, and Cryme to negate all Chalmeau’s monsters. He used Nessie, discarding Sulliek to Special Summon Nessie and draw Tearlaments Scheiren. He played Tearlaments Reinoheart, which sent a Scheiren to the Graveyard, and he fused it with Nessie for Kitkallos. It added Merrli to his hand. He Special Summoned Scheiren from his hand, which sent another Scheiren to the Graveyard. He used it to Fuse into Mudragon of the Swamp. He used Kitkallos to destroy itself and revive Merrli, then sent a pile of cards to his Graveyard. He used Mudragon and Merrli to Link Summon Spright Elf, reviving Merrli. He paid half his Life Points to Special Summoned Destrudo! He used it with Merrli to play Spright Sprind. It sent Merrli to the Graveyard, which he used to play Tearlaments Rulkallos. He Xyz Summoned Abyss Dweller, and finally moved to the Battle Phase. He sent his Spright Elf to destroy Chalmeau’s Elf, which was till halved thanks to Forbidden Droplet. Abyss Dweller destroyed Toadally Awesome, and the Toad returned Swap Frog to Chalmeau’s hand. Rulkallos destroyed Spright Red, and finally Spright Sprind attacked directly. He returned Cartesia and Branded in High Spirits to his hand in the End Phase.

In Chalmeau’s Draw Phase, Wasson used Abyss Dweller’s effect. Chalmeau Special Summoned Swap Frog, discarding Nimble Angler. He Normal Summoned Reinoheart, sending Merrli to the Graveyard. He moved to the Battle Phase, and Wasson Special Summoned Merrli with Spright Elf. Reinoheart destroyed Spright Elf in battle. Then, he moved to Main Phase 2 and Link Summoned Spright Elf. Wasson responded to the Summon with Sprind’s effect, detaching from Abyss Dweller to bounce Chalmeau’s Spright Elf to away. Chalmeau knew this game was over, and offered the concession.

Duel 2

Chalmeau chose to play first. He played Reinoheart, sending Scheiren to the Graveyard. He activated Scheiren, and Wasson responded with Bystial Druiswurm to banish Scheiren. He Chained to that with Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries, revealing Spright Elf, banishing all copies of Spright Elf from Chalmeau’s Extra Deck! Chalmeau activated Triple Tactics Talent, drawing two cards. He played Instant Fusion to bring Kitkallos to the field, which added Merrli to his hand. He Special Summoned Scheiren from his hand, sending three cards including Shaddoll Beast to draw a new card. Kitkallos destroyed itself to revive Merrli, sending a mess of cards to the Graveyard in the process. Nimble Angler and Reinoheart were among them, and he Special Summoned Reinoheart and Nimble Beaver with their effects. Reinoheart discarded Merrli, and he used it to Fusion Summon Mudragon of the Swamp in his Extra Monster Zone. He used Reinoheart and Mudragon for I:P Masquerena, then Special Summoned Spright Blue from his hand. It added Spright Jet to his hand. He used Blue and Nimble Beaver for Gigantic Spright, then Special Summoned Jet to search out Spright Smashers.

With Chalmeau’s board totally loaded with monsters, Wasson opted to concede the Duel on the first turn! He had Evenly Matched, Scheiren, and Reinoheart in hand. He seemingly thought it would be more beneficial to try and play a new game, rather than make an attempt to break the board that Chalmeau was about to create, running out the round timer in the process.

Duel 3

Wasson started the final Duel with a hand of Instant Fusion, Branded in High Spirits, Reinoheart, Nessie, and Tearlaments Sulliek. He played Instant Fusion for Tearlaments Kitkallos. Its effect added Cryme to his hand. He played High Spirits, pitching Nessie and Rulkallos to add Blazing Cartesia, the Virtuous to his hand. Chalmeau responded with Bystial Magnamhut, banishing Nessie, and Nessie’s effect resolved, adding Danger!? Tsuchinoko? to Wasson’s hand. He Normal Summoned Cartesia, then used Kitkallos as Chain Link 1 and Cartesia as Chain Link 2. Cartesia fused Reinoheart with Kitkallos into a new Kitkallos (Neither player noticed, but this was an not a legal play. Cartesia can only Summon Level 8 monsters.), then the first Kitkallos’s effect Special Summoned Reinoheart. Reinoheart sent Havnis to the Graveyard. Havnis fused with Rulkallos in the Graveyard for Garura, Wings of Resonant Life. He used it and Cartesia to play Baronne de Fleur, and Garura let him draw Druiswurm. He Set Sulliek and Cryme. He activated Tsuchinoko, discarding Druiswurm. He Special Summoned Tsuchinoko and drew Forbidden Droplet. He used Tsuchinoko and Kitkallos to play Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy, then used Reinoheart with Dharc for Spright Sprind. Its effect sent Merrli, which he used to play Rulkallos. He Set Droplet to finish. In the End Phase, Chalmeau’s Magnamhut added Druiswurm to his hand.

Chalmeau Normal Summoned Swap Frog, not activating its effect. Chalmeau activated Druiswurm, targeting Kitkallos in the Graveyard. Wasson used Baronne to negate and destroy Druiswurm. Chalmeau played Super Polymerization, discarding Spright Blue to fuse Rulkallos with Swap for Garura. Wasson flipped Sulliek, not using its effect yet. Chalmeau used Garura and Magnamhut to play Dharc, and drew a card with Garura. He activated Magnamhut from his hand, and Wasson responded with Rulkallos, Chalmeau responded with Havnis. Havnis hit the field and sent several Tearlaments to the Graveyard, then Rulkallos resolved sending Sulliek to negate Magnamhut. Sulliek added Merrli to Wasson’s hand. Chalmeau continued, fusing the Tearlaments he sent via Havnis, into Tearlaments Kaleido-Heart – Wasson flipped Cryme to negate and shuffled it away! Cryme also sent Merrli to the Graveyard, and Wasson fused into his own Kaleido-Heart! It shuffled away Chalmeau’s Dharc. Chalmeau had no choice but to pass.

Wasson had enough damage on the board to end the Match!

Daivyon Wasson is your YCS Minneapolis Dragon Duel Champion!