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Round 1 Feature Match: Ed Acepcion vs. Michael Liensdorf

April 1st, 2023

Welcome Round 1 to the 250th YCS in Los Angeles! We’re kicking things off with fan-favorite Duelist Ed Acepcion, from Las Vegas, playing Dark World! He’s spiced up his Deck since the last YCS, adding in a couple of Rescue-ACE cards. His opponent is Michael Liensdorf, from Morgan Hill, CA, playing Mathmechs! Mathmechs can pull off some powerful plays with just a few cards, so he might be able to push through having his hand messed with by Dark Worlds.

Duel 1

Acepcion made sure to note which player was which for the life totals. He was ready to take down the evils of… mathematics.

Acepcion’s opening hand was two copies of Danger! Nessie!, two Genta, Gateman of Dark World, and a Danger! Chupacabra!. He started with Chupacabra’s effect, discarding Genta. He Special Summoned Chupacabra and drew a second Chupacabra. He discarded his second Genta to search for The Gates of Dark World. He activated his next Chupacabra, discarding Gates and Special Summoning it, drawing Dark World Dealings. He Xyz Summoned Number 60: Dugares the Timeless, using its effect to draw Danger! Bigfoot! and Gates, discarding Nessie. He activated Nessie, searching for Danger! Mothman!. He activated Gates, and Liensdorf responded with Artifact Lancea to prevent it from activating. Acepcion played Dealings, drawing and discarding Snoww, Unlight of Dark World. He searched Reign-Beaux, Overking of Dark World. He activated Bigfoot, discarding Mothman. He Special Summoned Bigfoot and drew another Bigfoot. Mothman activated, and he drew and Dark Ruler No More and discarded Reign-Beaux. With Reign-Beaux, he searched for Sillva, Warlord of Dark World. He activated Bigfoot, discarding Nessie, and searching Mothman. He activated Mothman, drawing Dark World Dealings and discarding Dark Ruler No More. He used Dealings, drawing another Dark Ruler No More and discarding Sillva. He stacked Bigfoot and Reign-Beaux for Coach King Giantrainer, drawing three cards: Reign-Beaux, Card Destruction, and Dark World Archives! He played Archives, then Card Destruction for a new hand! Liensdorf discarded several Mathmech cards, his strategy finally revealed to Acepcion.

Ed Acepcion

Acepcion discarded his hand and drew Gates, Bigfoot, Snoww, and Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World. He activated his discarded Sillva and Reign-Beaux – he Special Summoned Sillva, and searched for a second Sillva. He bounced Sillva to Special Summon Reign-Beaux. He used all his monsters for Saryuja Skull Dread, and Liensdorf had Infinite Impermanence! Acepcion Normal Summoned Snoww and returned it for Reign-Beaux. He activated Bigfoot, discarding Snoww and drawing Allure of Darkness. Snoww searched for Dark World Accession. He played it, discarding Grapha and Sillva to Fusion Summon Grapha, Dragon Overlord of Dark World! He Special Summoned the discarded Sillva. He used Saryuja and Reign-Beaux for Cross-Sheep, pointing to his Fusion Monster. He returned Sillva to Special Summon Reign-Beaux, triggering Cross-Sheep to revive a monster. He used Accession in the Graveyard, returning it to his hand and discarding Snoww, which searched for Gates. He returned Reign-Beaux to play Grapha from his Graveyard, using it with Cross-Sheep for Muckraker From the Underworld. Its effect discarded Ceruli, Guru of Dark World to revive Snoww. Ceruli went to Liensdorf’s field, and Acepcion discarded Sillva, using its effect to make Liensdorf put two cards from his hand at the bottom of his Deck. He Link Summoned Knightmare Cerberus, discarding Allure of Darkness to destroy Ceruli. After an insane first turn, Acepcion finally passed the turn.

Liensdorf started with Mathmech Equation, and Acepcion responded with his Overlord Grapha, changing the effect to make him discard Reign-Beaux. Liensdorf’s hand had been stripped down to almost nothing, and knew he wouldn’t be able to mount a comeback!

Duel 2

Liensdorf chose to take the first turn this time. He started with Small World, banishing Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju from his hand, Archfiend Eccentrick from his Deck, and adding Mathmech Circular to his hand. He Special Summoned Circular, sending Mathmech Sigma from his Deck. He Special Summoned Sigma with its effect, and Circular’s effect added Mathmech Superfactorial to his hand. He Xyz Summoned Primathmech Alembertian, adding Mathmech Diameter to his hand. He Normal Summoned it, bringing Sigma back, and he Link Summoned Splash Mage. Its effect brought Diameter back, and he Link Summoned Decode Talker Heatsoul. He paid 1000 Life Points to draw a card with its effect. He Set two back row cards and passed.

Michael Liensdorf

Acepcion had a hand of Nessie, Bigfoot, Gates, Archives, Genta. He drew Snoww. In the Standby Phase, Heatsoul’s effect let Liensdorf pay another 1000 Life Points to draw another card. Acepcion discarded Genta to add Gates to his hand. He played it, using its effect to banish Genta, discarding Snoww to draw Grapha. Genta and Snoww activated – he Special Summoned Genta, and searched for Accession. He played it, and Liensdorf had Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion to negate it! Acepcion activated Accession’s effect, discarding Grapha to return Accession to his hand. Grapha targeted a back row card, and Liensdorf Chained it – Superfactorial! He revived his Mathmechs and Xyz Summoned Primathmech Laplacian, with its effect sending away the Gates from both Acepcions hand and field. Acepcion used Bigfoot, discarding it. It tried to destroy Laplacian, and Laplacian used its effect to detach a material instead. Acepcion used Nessie, discarding Accession. He Special Summoned Nessie and drew Chupacabra. He activated Chupacabra, discarding Chupacabra and Special Summoning Bigfoot. He Link Summoned Muckraker, trying to revive Snoww, and it was hit by Infinite Impermanence! Acepcion had been stopped at every opportunity, and conceded!

Duel 3

Acepcion’s opening hand this time was Genta, Reign-Beaux, Nessie, Ceruli, and Chupacabra. He began the final Duel with a quick prayer: “Lord Grapha please, do not let Droll touch this man’s hand.”

He started by discarding Genta to add Gates to his hand, and… Liensdorf activated Droll & Lock Bird! Acepcion activated Chupacabra, discarding Nessie. He Special Summoned Chupacabra, unable to draw or use Nessie. He lamented, “My prayers weren’t enough…”

Liensdorf drew and sighed. “Yes! The sigh!” Acepcion cried out. Liensdorf Normal Summoned Archfiend Eccentrick, and tributed it to destroy Chupacabra. He passed the turn with no followup!

Acepcion drew Called by the Grave! He played Gates, Liensdorf responded with Lancea, but it was negated by Called by the Grave! Acepcion banished Genta to activate Gates, and Liensdorf responded with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring! Genta’s effect Special Summoned itself. He Normal Summoned Ceruli, Link Summoned Muckraker, and used it to revive Ceruli, discarding Reign-Beaux. He activated Reign-Beaux, adding Grapha to his hand. He bounced Ceruli for Reign-Beaux and attacked directly, dropping Liensdorf to 3400. At the end of the Battle Phase, Liensdorf had Evenly Matched! Acepcion kept his Gates, banishing his other cards.

Liensdorf drew and passed with no play!

Acepcion used Gates, banishing Genta and discarding Grapha to draw a card. He Special Summoned Genta, then bounced it to Special Summon Grapha. He Normal Summoned Genta and attacked, wiping out Liensdorf’s remaining Life Points!

Sometimes, Grapha doesn’t give you what you want; he gives you what you need. Acepcion’s prayers were answered, granting him victory in this Match!