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Top 16 Feature Match: Jamie Hunter vs. Steven Santoli

June 25th, 2023

For this Top 16 Feature Match, we have two Duelists from across the globe! We have Steven Santoli back again for another Feature Match. Hailing from Hamilton, ON, he’s the only Exosister Duelist to have made Top 32. His opponent is Jamie Hunter, from Sheffield, England, playing a Runick Spright Fur Hire Deck. This variant has become quite popular lately, so let’s see what the hype is about!

Duel 1

Hunter started with Runick Slumber to Special Summon Hugin the Runick Wings. He used its effect, discarding Evenly Matched to search out Runick Fountain. He Normal Summoned Rex, Freight Fur Hire, and Santoli hit it with Infinite Impermanence. Hunter Special Summoned Spright Blue, adding Spright Jet to his hand. He Special Summoned Jet to search for Spright Starter, which Special Summoned Spright Red. He used Hugin and Blue to play Gigantic Spright, and it Special Summoned Donpa, Marksman Fur Hire. He used Donpa and Rex to Link Summon Donner, Dagger Fur Hire. Its effect Special Summoned Donpa and Rex back to the field. He used Rex and Jet to play I:P Masquerena. He Set one back row card.

Santoli started with Exosister Pax, searching for Exosister Vadis. He Set four back row cards.

In Hunter’s Draw Phase, Santoli flipped Gozen Match! Hunter sent Donpa and Spright Red to the Graveyard, keeping Gigantic and I:P Masquerena. He activated Gigantic to Special Summon Blue, which added Spright Carrot to his hand. He switched Gigantic to Defense Position and started to leave his Main Phase. Santoli flipped Pax to search for Exosister Martha. Hunter skipped his Battle Phase due to his Runick spell last turn, and passed the turn.

Santoli activated the effect of Exosister Martha in his hand, Special Summoning it along with Exosister Elis. Hunter activated I:P Masquerena, and Santoli flipped Exosister Returnia to banish Masquerena. Then he flipped Vadis to Special Summon Exosister Sophia and Exosister Irene. He drew a card and gained 800 LP with Sophia’s effect, and played Harpie’s Feather Duster. Hunter Chained his Set Super Polymerization! He discarded Spright Carrot to fuse Martha and Irene into Garura, Wings of Resonant Life in Defense Position. Santoli stacked Sophia and Elis for Exosister Kaspitell. He used its effect to search for Exosister Stella and Normal Summoned it, then Special Summoned Elis, and Xyz Summoned Exosister Mikailis. Its effect added Pax to his hand. He moved to the Battle Phase, sending Kaspitell to destroy Gigantic, and Mikailis to destroy Blue. Still in the Battle Phase, he used Mikailis to banish Rex from Hunter’s Graveyard. In Main Phase 2, he used his Xyz Monsters to play Exosisters Magnifica, and Set two back row cards.

Hunter Set a monster, locked down by Gozen Match.

Santoli played Pax to get Martha, using its effect to Special Summon itself and Elis. He played a new Mikailis, which added Returnia to his hand. He had Mikailis banish Hunter’s Set Rex, and Magnifica banished Garura. Mikailis attacked, and Magnifica attacked twice to take the first Duel!

Duel 2

Hunter started with Runick Tip to get Runick Fountain, banishing Pax from Santoli’s Deck. Hunter Normal Summoned Rex, adding Rookie Fur Hire. He played Fountain, then Slumber to Special Summon Hugin. He did not use Hugin’s effect, but Fountain let him recycle his Runick spells and draw two cards. He played Rookie, Tributing Hugin to Special Summon Beat, Bladesman Fur Hire. He Link Summoned Donner, Tributing it to immediately return Beat and Rex to the field. Beat’s effect added Rafale, Champion Fur Hire. He Special Summoned it with Beat’s effect, and its effect revealed Rex and Runick Destruction – he took the Rex. He played Runick Freezing Curses to play Munin the Runick Wings, and used it with Beat and Rex for Folgo, Justice Fur Hire. It Special Summoned Donpa, which Special Summoned Rex from his hand. He used the Rex in his Graveyard to Special Summon Donner, stacking it with his on-field Rex for Gigantic Spright. Gigantic Special Summoned Spright Blue, which added Spright Carrot. He used Gigantic and Blue for I:P Masquerena, then Special Summoned Carrot. He Set a back row card.

Santoli started with Dark Ruler No More! Then he used Lightning Storm to destroy Spell/Trap Cards. Hunter Tributed Donpa for his Carrot’s effect, but Carrot was still negated by Dark Ruler No More. Lightning Storm destroyed Fountain and a Set Super Polymerization. Santoli used Martha in his hand, and Hunter had Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Santoli played Aratama, searching for Sakitama, and he Normal Summoned that through its effect. He Xyz Summoned Mikailis, using its effect to get Vadis. He moved to the Battle Phase, sending Mikailis to attack Carrot. He Set two back row cards.

Hunter Normal Summoned Rex, and its effect added Mayhem Fur Hire. He used I:P Masquerena and Champion Rafale to play Knightmare Phoenix, discarding Freezing Curses to target a back row card, and Santoli flipped his other Set card, Infinite Impermanence, to negate Phoenix. Hunter used Phoenix and Rex to play Knightmare Unicorn, discarding his last card, Mayhem, to target the same back row card as before. Santoli flipped the targeted Vadis, and Hunter responded with Rex from the Graveyard to revive Rafale. Vadis Special Summoned Irene and Sophia. Rafale’s effect added Chaos Hunter to his hand. “Not the time I want to be seeing that,” he remarked. Hunter used Knightmare Unicorn and Rafale to play Donner. Donner destroyed itself and Mikailis, and Folgo let him draw a card. He skipped his Battle Phase due to his Runick effect. In the End Phase, the two Exosisters summoned from Vadis returned to the Deck.

Santoli activated the effect of Martha in his hand to Special Summon it and Elis. Hunter responded with Rex from the Graveyard to Special Summon Rafale. He activated Rafale, and Chained Chaos Hunter to Special Summon itself, discarding a Fossil Dig that he couldn’t play (All copies of Rex were out of the Deck). Rafale added Spright Blue to his hand. Santoli Special Summoned another Elis from his hand. He used both Elis for Mikailis, adding Pax to his hand. He used that to get Stella and Normal Summoned it, stacking it with Martha for Exosister Gibrine, which used its effect to power up his Exosisters, and then it negated Chaos Hunter. Mikailis destroyed Chaos Hunter in battle, then Santoli used Mikailis’s effect to banish Rafale. In Main Phase 2, he used both his Xyz Monsters for Magnifica in Defense Position.

Hunter used Runick Flashing Fire, targeting Magnifica, and Santoli responded with both of Magnifica’s effects. He banished Folgo, then tagged Magnifica out for Mikailis. Hunter had no out to Mikailis, and conceded the Duel!

Steven Santoli is moving on to the Top 8 with Exosisters!