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Special Report: Witch-Related Incidents on the Rise, Again

October 9th, 2015

On the subject of the recent witch attacks, this is what a patron of a local eating establishment had to say.

“Witches? Yeah, we got ‘em. Good witches, bad witches… havin’ trouble telling them apart these days. There’s this one, real piece of work, flyin’ ‘round to every planet in the system terrorizin’ folks. They’ve got a saying over in Quadling Country: ‘Silver Boots Always Shoots’. I reckon that’s not 100% accurate, no blaster can cause those kinds of wounds…”

Unfortunately, our interviewee began to choke at this point and needed to be rushed to a hospital. We did, however, find another local willing to talk, and he had this to say.

“Back in my day, they had to fly around on broomsticks! None of this intergalactic terror stuff, you knew which planets had witches, and you just didn’t go there. What do you mean ‘how long ago was that?’ Don’t you sass me! You’ll be lucky to get off this planet alive! She’s up there, watching, waiting. She knows you’ve been asking around and she’ll see you before you see her.”


This has been the latest on the recent surge of witch-related incidents. We’ll report again should more information become available.

The Dimension of Chaos Sneak Peeks will take place on October 31st/November 1st. The set launches on November 6th.


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