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Round 10 Feature Match: Rehan Saeed vs. Jose Enrique Magno Claudino da Silva

June 2nd, 2024

Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Indianapolis! We have an international Feature Match to start things off. Rehan Saeed is here from Toronto, Canada, playing a Voiceless Voice Deck! His opponent traveled just a bit farther. Jose Magno is here all the way from Bazil, playing Centur-Ions!

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Round 5 Feature Match: Brandon Miotke vs. Owen Alvarado

June 1st, 2024

We’re halfway through the first day of YCS Indianapolis, and the best Decks are making their way to the top. We have Brandon Miotke with us for this Feature Match, here from Deerborn, MI, with a Tenpai Snake-Eye Deck. He’s facing Owen Alvarado, from New Orleans, LA, using Centur-Ion. Tenpai are a new strategy from Legacy of Destruction, and Centur-Ions also got a huge boost from the set, making this an LEDE battle!

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Round 3 Feature Match: Isaiah Raphael vs. Cameron Carvella

April 20th, 2024

We’re in Round 3 with another heater of a Feature Match! We’re here with Isaiah Raphael, from Miami, FL, playing Centur-Ion! His Deck is teched out to beat the metagame, using Bystials and Super Polymerization to get an edge. His opponent is Cameron Carvella, from Knoxville, TN, with Bystial Runick! This Deck uses Runick spells to control the game and draw a lot of cards, with the Bystials and Runick monsters to fuel Synchro Summons to take over the Duel.

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