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Finals Feature Match: Steven Santoli vs Liam Mac Oscair

June 25th, 2023

It all comes down to this! Over a total 13 rounds, over 300 Duelists have been reduced to just two. We have Steven Santoli, piloting Exosisters. He’s been dominating in Feature Matches this weekend, and he’s got one more to go. His opponent is Liam Mac Oscair, piloting the explosive Mathmech @Ignister strategy. The winner of this Match will be crowned the North America Remote Duel YCS Champion, and will earn an Ultra Rare Anotherverse Dragon Prize Card! It’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Santoli won the dice roll and started first. He kicked the finals off with Exosister Martha, and Chained Dimension Shifter. “That’s fine,” Mac Oscair said, then added, “It’s not fine per say, but it resolves…” Santoli Special Summoned Martha and Exosister Elis, then played Exosister Mikailis. He searched out Exosister Returnia, and Set two back row cards.

Mac Oscair looked at his hand… and decided to go to the next Duel! Dimension Shifter had completely shifted us into the next Duel!

Duel 2

Mac Oscair played first this time. He Normal Summoned Achichi @Ignister, and searched Pikari @Ignister. He Link Summoned Dark Infant @Ignister, not using its effect. He played and played Ignister A.I.Land, which Special Summoned Pikari @Ignister. That added A.I. Meet You. He played it, revealing Wind Pegasus @Ignister, searching Bururu @Ignister. He used both his monsters to play Cyberse Witch. He used his Field Spell to Special Summon Bururu @Ignister, which sent Danmari @Ignister, then Cyberse Witch added Cynet Ritual and Cyberse Sage to his hand. He used Witch to bring Pikari @Ignister back to the field. He used it to change Bururu @Ignister to Level 4, allowing him to play Primathmech Alembertian, which searched for Mathmech Circular. He Link Summoned Cyberse Wicckid, then Special Summoned Circular by sending Mathmech Sigma to the Graveyard. He added Mathmech Diameter to his hand with Wicckid’s effect, then played Cynet Ritual. He Tributed Diameter to play Cyberse Sage, and used that to fuse Cyberse Witch with Pikari @Ignister to play Cyberse Desavewurm. Desavewurm’s effect Special Summoned Doyon @Ignister. That added Achichi back to his hand. He tuned Sage to Desavewurm to play Wind Pegasus @Ignister, adding Bururu @Ignister back with Sage’s effect. He used Doyon and Wind Pegasus for Splash Mage, which Special Summoned Diameter. That triggered Circular’s effect to get Mathmech Superfactorial. He used Splash Mage with Circular for Transcode Talker, reviving Splash Mage. He used every monster to play The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister! He Set one back row card.

Santoli didn’t have a way to get through both The Arrival and Superfactorial! He conceded in the face of Mac Oscair’s incredible first turn!

Duel 3

Santoli played first in this final Duel of the tournament. He Set two back row cards.

Mac Oscair played Twin Twisters, discarding Effect Veiler. Santoli Chained Exosister Vadis to Special Summon Martha and Elis. The other Set card was Gozen Match. Mac Oscair continued, Normal Summoning Pikari @Ignister. It searched A.I.dle Reborn. He Link Summoned Dark Infant, adding Ignister A.I.Land to his hand. He played A.I. Meet You, and it was hit by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Mac Oscair Set one back row card. In the End Phase, Martha and Elis returned to the Deck.

Santoli activated the Martha he just drew! He Special Summoned Martha and Elis. He Normal Summoned Exosister Stella. He stacked Elis and Stella for Exosister Mikailis, and used it to search the Deck. Mac Oscair used Effect Veiler on it, and Santoli Chained Mikailis’s effect to target Pikari @Ignister in the Graveyard. Mac Oscair responded with A.I.dle Reborn to Special Summon it first. In a new Chain, Pikari @Ignister and Martha activated. Pikari searched A.I. Meet You, and Martha upgraded into Exosister Kaspitell. He used its effect to search for Elis. He Special Summoned Elis in Defense Position with its own effect. He stacked Kaspitell and Mikailis for Exosisters Magnifica. It attacked Dark Infant, then attacked Pikari @Ignister.

Mac Oscair played A.I. Meet You, revealing Decode Talker Heat Soul, and adding Achichi @Ignister to his hand. He played Ignister A.I.Land. He used the effect to Special Summon, and Santoli responded with both of Magnifica’s effects. It banished A.I.Land, then tagged out for Mikailis. Mac Oscair Normal Summoned Achichi @Ignister to search for Doyon. Achichi @Ignister attacked Elis, and he used the effect of A.I.dle Reborn in his Graveyard, banishing Cynet Ritual from his hand to get back his banished A.I.Land. In a new Chain, Elis upgraded into Exosister Gibrine. Mac Oscair used Achichi @Ignister for Linguriboh. He played A.I.Land, but once again it was banished by Mikailis!

Santoli used Mikailis to search, but Mac Oscair had Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Santoli used Gibrine’s effect to increase the ATK of all his Xyz Monsters for the turn. He used Gibrine and Mikailis to play Exosisters Magnifica, and used its effect to banish Linguriboh. Magnificaattacked twice to end the Match!

Steven Santoli is your North America Remote Duel YCS Champion!