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Round 5 Feature Match: David Borgognoni vs. Dylan Robertson

June 24th, 2023

We’re only halfway through the first day of Dueling, and the matches are only getting better! In this Feature Match we have David Borgognoni, from Little Rock, AK, playing Branded Despia. He’s facing Dylan Robertson, from Valley, NE, using a Bystial Spright Synchro Deck!

Duel 1

Borgognoni started the first Duel with Fusion Deployment, revealing Granguignol the Dusk Dragon. He Special Summoned Blazing Cartesia, the Virtuous. He then played Branded Fusion, sending Fallen of Albaz and Despian Tragedy to the Graveyard to play Lubellion the Searing Dragon, discarding Crossout Designator for its effect. He responded with Cartesia, fusing it with Lubellion for Granguignol. Tragedy added Ad Libitum of Despia. Lubellion’s effect then brought Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon to the field. Granguignol sent Albion the Branded Dragon to the Graveyard, and in the End Phase, Albion Set Branded in Red on the field. Cartesia returned to the hand.

Robertson started with Tuning, adding Assault Synchron to his hand, and Bystial Baldrake. He activated Assault Synchron, and Borgognoni responded with Granguignol to Special Summon Guiding Quem, the Virtuous, which then sent Fallen of Albaz to the Graveyard. Robertson continued by Special Summoning Spright Blue, adding Spright Jet to his hand. Borgognoni activated Mirrorjade, sending Rindbrumm the Striking Dragon to banish Assault Synchron. Quem then Special Summoned Fallen of Albaz, and he fused it with Spright Blue for Lubellion! Lubellion’s effect discarded Ad Libitum to fuse itself with Albion for Predaplant Dragostapelia! Robertson Normal Summoned Ringowurm, the Dragon Guarding the Hundred Apples, and Dragostapelia put a Predator Counter on it to make it Level 1. Robertson played Spright Starter to Special Summon Spright Carrot. Borgognoni flipped Branded in Red, targeting Ad Libitum. He fused Ad Libitum, Mirrorjade, and Dragostapelia into Guardian Chimera! Chimera destroyed Robertson’s monsters, and Robertson conceded the first Duel!

Duel 2

Robertson played first this time, and started with Nimble Beaver, which Special Summoned another Beaver. He Special Summoned Assault Synchron, and tuned it to a Beaver to play Cupid Pitch. Its effect increased its Level, and he tuned it to the other Beaver for Accel Synchro Stardust Dragon. Cupid Pitch dealt 800 damage and searched for Caligo Claw Crow, and Accel Synchro Stardust Special Summoned Assault Synchron. He Special Summoned Caligo and Link Summoned Spright Sprind. Its effect sent Ringowurm, which used its effect to Special Summon a Hundred Apples Token. He used Accel Synchro Stardust’s effect to Special Summon Stardust Dragon, and he used that with the token for Bystial Dis Pater. Assault Synchron’s effect activated in the Graveyard, reviving Accel Sychro Stardust. Then, he used Dis Pater to Special Summon the Assault Synchron. He tuned Assault Synchron to Accel Synchro Stardust for Baronne de Fleur! He played Spright Starter to get Spright Blue. Its effect put Spright Jet in his hand, and he Special Summoned Jet to search for Spright Smashers. He stacked Blue with Sprind for Gigantic Spright, using its effect to Special Summon Knightmare Corruptor Iblee. He used Iblee and Jet to play I:P Masquerena, and Iblee went over to Borgognoni’s side. He Set one back row card.

Borgognoni Normal Summoned Aluber the Jester of Despia, which added Branded in Red to his hand. He activated Albion the Shrouded Dragon, sending Branded Retribution to the Graveyard, and drew a new card. He changed Iblee to Attack Position, but before he could go to the Battle Phase, Robertson activated I:P Masquerena, and Chained Bystial Magnamhut from his hand, targeting Spright Blue. He Special Summoned Magnamhut, then combined Masquerena with Gigantic for Sky Striker Ace – Azalea, and its effect destroyed Aluber and sent itself to the Graveyard. Iblee moved to attack Baronne de Fleur, getting it off Borgognoni’s field at the cost of 3000 battle damage. In Main Phase 2, Borgognoni played Branded Lost, and it was negated by Baronne. He played Branded Fusion next, sending Fallen of Albaz and Dark Magician to play Lubellion the Searing Dragon. Lubellion discarded Ash Blossom, and Robertson responded with Baldrake targeting Cupid Pitch. Lubellion’s effect brought Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon to the field. Dragoon’s effect destroyed Dis Pater and dropped Robertson to 2700 Life Points. Borgognoni Set one back row card.

In the Standby Phase, Baronne’s effect targeted Accel Synchro Stardust Dragon. Borgognoni negated and destroyed Baronne with Dragoon. In Main Phase 1, Robertson tried using The Bystial Lubellion, and it was negated by Borgognoni’s Tri-Brigade Mercourier! Robertson Tributed Magnamhut to Special Summon The Bystial Lubellion from his Graveyard, and put Branded Regained on the field.

Borgognoni used Dragoon’s effect to destroy The Bystial Lubellion. He moved to the Battle Phase, with his Lubellion the Searing Dragon destroying Baldrake in battle. Dragoon attacked directly, wiping out the last of Robertson’s Life Points!

David Borgognoni takes the Match with Branded!