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Top 8 Feature Match: Mike Thomas vs. Bill Wei

June 25th, 2023

Mike Thomas, from Chicago, is back for another Feature Match! Despite his terrible luck in his previous Round 7 Feature Match, he was able to persevere with his Dragon Link Deck to the Top 8! He’s up against Bill Wei, from Indiana, playing Kashtira. They’ve played well to make it this far, but only one of these Duelists can advance to the Top 4!

Duel 1

Thomas won the die roll and took the first turn, but Wei made the first play in the Standby Phase, activating Dimension Shifter! Thomas Special Summon Bystial Magnamhut by banishing Shifter. He played Quick Launch next, and Special Summoned Rokket Tracer. He Synchro Summoned Chaos Angel. In the End Phase, he searched via Magnamhut, adding The Bystial Lubellion to his hand.

Wei Normal Summoned Kashtira Riseheart, using its effect to banish Kashtira Birth and make his monster Level 7, banishing three cards from Thomas’s Deck. He Set two back row cards.

Thomas activated The Bystial Lubellion, adding Magnamhut to his hand. He Normal Summoned Black Metal Dragon, and it was hit by Wei’s Book of Moon. He Special Summoned Magnamhut, banishing his Lubellion. He attacked with Chaos Angel, destroying Riseheart, and attacked directly with Magnamhut. In the End Phase, his Magnamhut effect searched out another Lubellion.

Wei played Pot of Prosperity, banishing 6 cards for the cost, and Thomas negated it with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. He Normal Summoned another Riseheart, banishing Kashtiratheosis for its effect, and banishing three more cards from Thomas’s Deck. Kashtiratheosis’s effect returned Birth to his hand. He flipped up Triple Tactics Talent, taking control of Chaos Angel. He had the Angel destroy Magnamhut, and Riseheart destroyed Black Metal Dragon. Black Metal’s effect searched for Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. Wei thought a second and decided to concede this Duel. He just couldn’t get anything going, and REDMD would be too much to overcome.

Duel 2

Wei started this Duel with Dimension Shifter again. He Special Summoned Kashtira Unicorn, adding Kashtiratheosis. He played it, and Thomas negated it with Ash Blossom. Unicorn’s other effect activated, banishing Chaos Angel from Thomas’s Extra Deck. Wei played Triple Tactics Talent, drawing two cards. He passed, and in the End Phase, Thomas Special Summoned Bystial Druiswurm by banishing Shifter.

Thomas sent Druiswurm to destroy Unicorn in battle, and passed with no other plays.

Wei Special Summoned Kashtira Fenrir, and Chained another Dimension Shifter! Fenrir added Riseheart to his hand. He played Kashtiratheosis to Special Summon Unicorn in Defense Position, which added Kashtira Birth. He activated Birth, then Normal Summoned another Unicorn. He attacked with Fenrir, and its effect banished Druiswurm. Unicorn attacked, banishing Bystial Dis Pater from Thomas’s Extra Deck. He Set one back row card.

Thomas Set a monster, completely locked out by Dimension Shifter.

Wei used Unicorn’s effect to add another Birth to his hand, and Fenrir’s to get Scareclaw Kashtira. He Special Summoned Riseheart, banishing Kashtira Big Bang along with 3 cards from Thomas’s Deck. He stacked Riseheart with 2 Unicorn for Kashtira Arise-Heart, banishing Thomas’s Set monster. Arise-Heart attacked directly, and Thomas banished Shifter to Special Summon Bystial Baldrake. Fenrir’s effect simply banished Baldrake, and Thomas was wide open for Wei’s Kashtira to end the Duel!

Duel 3

Thomas Normal Summoned Starliege Seyfert. He Tributed Bystial Baldrake with Seyfert’s effect to add Bystial Saronir to his hand. He banishing Baldrake to Special Summon Saronir. He used Seyfert to Link Summon Striker Dragon, adding Boot Sector Launch to his hand. He used Saronir and Striker to play Dragunity Knight – Romulus. Romulus’s effect added Dragon Ravine to his hand, and Saronir sent The Bystial Lubellion to the Graveyard. He banished Seyfert to return Lubellion to his hand, then used its effect to add Bystial Magnamhut to his hand. He Special Summoned it, banishing Striker Dragon. He then Tributed Magnamhut to Special Summon Lubellion from the Graveyard. Lubellion put Branded Regained on the field. He then combined Regulus with Lubellion for Hieratic Seal of the Heavenly Spheres. He played Dragon Ravine, discarding Triple Tactics Thrust to send Absorouter Dragon to the Graveyard, and Absorouter added Rokket Tracer to his hand. He played Boot Sector Launch, which Special Summoned Tracer and Rokket Recharger. He Synchro Summoned Borreload Savage Dragon, equipping it with Romulus from the Graveyard. He Set one card in his back row, and in the End Phase Magnamhut’s effect got him a Bystial Druiswurm.

Wei played Dark Ruler No More! He played Terraforming next, getting Pressured Planet Wraitsoth. He played that to search for Unicorn. He Special Summoned it and activated its effect, and Thomas Chained Branded Regained to Special Summon Magnamhut. Unicorn added Kashtira Birth. Magnamhut activated its effect, and Unicorn banished Chaos Angel from Thomas’s Extra Deck. Wei played Kashtiratheosis to Special Summon Fenrir, which searched for another Fenrir. He played Cosmic Cyclone on Thomas’s Set card, and Thomas Chained it: Branded Beast. It Tributed Magnamhut to destroy Unicorn before it was banished by Cyclone. Wei played Kashtira Birth and Special Summoned Unicorn, then Special Summoned Riseheart. Thomas responded with Druiswurm, banishing his own Absorouter. Wei used Fenrir’s effect to banish Borreload Savage Dragon. In a new Chain, Regained targeted Absorouter, letting Thomas draw a card. Birth’s effect banished Lubellion, Tracer, and Recharger from Thomas’s Graveyard. He went to the Battle Phase, sending Unicorn to attack Heavenly Spheres. Thomas activated its effect, Tributing itself for the cost, even though it was negated by Dark Ruler No More. He tried to use its other effect in the Graveyard, and Wei negated it with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. In Main Phase 2, Unicorn and Fenrir were used to play Kashtira Shangri-Ira. He activated Riseheart’s effect, banishing Big Bang. Shangri-Ira locked out the middle monster zone, and then Big Bang’s effect Special Summoned Unicorn. He used Unicorn and Riseheart to play another Shangri-Ira, and then used that to play Arise-Heart. He used its effect to banish Branded Regained. Shangri-Ira locked out another monster zone, and Wraitsoth destroyed Druiswurm, banishing it due to Arise-Heart. Finally, he Normal Summon Fenrir via Kashtira Birth. In the End Phase, Thomas used his Magnamhut’s effect to search for Saronir. He Special Summoned it by banishing Heavenly Spheres.

In the Standby Phase, Shangri-Ira Special Summoned Riseheart from the Deck, and Wraitsoth destroyed Saronir. Thomas used Boot Sector Launch to Special Summon Rokket Tracer from his hand. He Set a back row card. In the End Phase, Arise-Heart banished the Set card face-down. Thomas had nothing left to survive Wei’s Kashtira onslaught!

Bill Wei is headed to the Top 4 with Kashtira!